One of the most beneficial services offered at Elite Equestrian Academy is our equestrian mindset coaching and rider mindset planning. With her speciality in equestrian mindset coaching and EA Accredited coaching, Bec assists clients (both individuals and groups) in the overall complexities that are faced in riding pursuits. What is special about Bec is that she takes into consideration both the horse and rider at hand. Delving into the riders mind helping them to achieve their very best version of themselves using mindset strategies.


The benefits of equestrian mindset coaching go hand in hand with that of physical coaching and horse training. Mindset coaching is the teaching of mental skills for enhanced performance. This in return can help you improve confidence, focus, composure and trust in athletic performance. These mental skills can help equestrians of all levels improve performance as well as benefiting in other areas of their life.


Benefits of Equestrian Mindset Coaching:

  • Improve focus and deal with distractions.
  • Grow confidence and remove doubts.
  • Develop coping skills to deal with setbacks and errors.
  • Help teams develop communication skills and cohesion.
  • To instill a healthy belief system and identify irrational thoughts.
  • Improve or balance motivation for optimal performance.
  • Develop confidence post-injury.
  • To develop goal-specific strategies and training plans.
  • To identify and enter the “zone” more often.
  • Strategies to help overcome trauma and fears.