Bringing out the best in both horse and rider.

Here at Elite Equestrian Academy, we focus on both the physical and mental training of horses and their riders. Having worked with equestrians from top athletes through to beginners, we love combining our passion for coaching and mindset training. No matter what stage you're at with your riding, we can assure you that our proven techniques and training methods will get you on track to acheiving your goals in no time.


Meet the Head Coach - Bec Griffin.

Having ridden from an early age, Bec has progressed from competing at local pony clubs through to national events. Her communication skills bring out the best in both horse and riders throughout the various stages of training. With a background in mindset coaching, EA Acredited coaching and a speciality in equestrian mindset coaching, Bec assists clients in the overall complexities that we face in our riding pursuits.