Narelle O’Callaghan

Petstock STAWELL

I’m am so happy to have Bec and Tayor Griffin move closer to me situated now at Great Western. At Elite Equestrian Academy.  The wealth of knowledge from both ladies at our doorstep is greatly appreciated by the welcoming surroundings and excellent facilities to the great home cooking.

Bec and Tayor are both professional kind and encouraging with their lessons to every rider no matter their capabilities, welcome to our part of the world. I look forward to many more lessons with you both.



Makayla is 12 years old, and an amazing Young Carer for her brother who has classic autism. Her role as a Young Carer means she is often unable to have friends over or do things other young people can do.

Makayla loves riding horses and has done so since she was young, but has been restricted in her ability to do so. For her Dream Experience, Makayla was treated to lessons at the Elite Equestrian Academy, where she learnt how to jump and advance her horse riding skills. Thanks to Elite Equestrian Academy for making this an experience to remember! #LDDreamBig

Elly & Tess

Elly is loving her riding lessons! I can’t recommend Bec Griffin from Elite Equestrian Academy highly enough if you are looking for quality instruction for your kids. She says everything I say but it’s not me. Absolutely brilliant! Couldn’t be more perfect for Elly. Not to mention, she loves her despite being told to put her big girl pants on which was necessary! And excellent facilities as well... El thinks it’s a real-life Free Rein Thanks so much Bec! Your amazing.

Bridget Murphy

Para Equestrian

I first met Bec during the Equine Pathways program when I was making the move from HRCAV rider to Para Dressage "Athlete" . At this time, not only was the type of riding and level of competition I was used to changing completely, but I was also finding myself being thrown into the 'spotlight'.

Bec was instrumental in helping me through this transition in my life. Not only from the sports performance/mindset side of things in terms of dealing with competition pressures, but also in the self belief/self confidence aspect. I can honestly say without Bec's guidance and advice, I would not be doing what I am today, or enjoying it as much!

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